SignInPRO provides a fast and easy way to sign in and out of process units electronically. There are many advantages of converting your old paper sign in/out system to an electronic format.

To start with here are just a few:

  • Save time in an evacuation by instantly compiling a list of who’s in the unit
  • Track productivity by generating reports on time spent in the unit
  • Store and keep sign in/out data for as long as you like
  • Locate employees quickly by searching for them in the admin panel
  • Save paper wastage and the need for storage of files
  • Prevent loss of data


The first and foremost advantage of going digital is that of safety. In the event of a unit evacuation under the standard paper sign in process, an operator will need to take the sign in book and begin an arduous and often overwhelming process of compiling the list of names of the people who are currently signed into the process unit. In a busy plant there could be many many pages to sort through and during a crisis, event names could be overlooked or missed. On top of that, the operator probably has more important things to do. Once the list is created it can be taken to the muster point and compared to who is present at the muster. Anyone currently signed into the unit and not at the muster point must be located and this could involve a search inside the evacuated unit.

SignInPRO can instantly export a list of who’s signed into the unit at any time. Thus saving time in an emergency so people can focus on more pressing issues.

Data Tracking

Once you convert to digital sign-ins you won’t ever look back. Since the data is stored electronically Industrial Tracker provides fast and effective methods for tracking the data via the admin panel on our website. By signing in as an admin you will be able to filter the data to create reports and stats the will help to minimize downtime and isolate and eliminate productivity blockages.

With the stats and reports in hand, it’s much easier to hold your contractors accountable.