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Mobile Ready Data Tracking

Deploy data tracking solutions with multiple access points across your site via fixed tablets. We provide multiple users so anyone can generate statistics and reports from internet connected desktops.

Restricted Access - Sign In/Out

Migrate your restricted access sign in/out paper process to tablet apps and see the benefits instantly. Track contractors and employees, generate stats in real time export data to spreadsheets and print charts and graphs.

Monitor Employee Certifications Renewals

When an employee fails to renew a certification if costs you and your clients money due to lost productivity for the client and lost billable hours for you. Track your employee’s certification renewal dates with InTrackPRO.

Custom Apps To Track All Your Data

Industrial Tracker is committed to working with you to streamline your on site paperwork into easy to use and fast to deploy digital applications. There are many advantages to going digital and imagine all the paper you will save not to mention the storage of all that paper!

Adapting in the age of ever changing technology

Industrial Tracker

Industrial Tracker was born from the potential benefits of streamlining many procesies through bridging current information technology and the oil and gas industry.

Industrial Tracker draws from a background in information technology and data management combined with experience in the oil and gas industry. Industrial Trackers mission is to improve safety standards while streamlining and consolidating data tracking while also saving time and money for its clients.

Industrial Tracker has a team of full time experienced developers ready to build and deploy applications made to suit your specifications. With our highly skilled team of engineers we can design, build and implement scalable solutions to solve your data tracking headaches.

We can customize our existing products if needed or work with you one on one to design any application to suit your business needs. Talk to us today to find out more.